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Fishing Commercially - Regulations

European and National Fisheries Legislations

Within the district of KEIFCA there are three tiers of fisheries legislation, European, national, and local (byelaws). The different tiers of regulation reflect the need to manage individual fin fish and shellfish stocks on different spatial scales, and also reflect the fact that different sectors access stocks in different ways.

Information on European and National fisheries legislation applying to the district can be found at the following locations: UK legislation: The UK Statute Law Database EU legislation: EUR-Lex

The district of KEIFCA covers 2 ICES areas (IVc and VIId). The different fisheries areas are managed by different regulations, reflecting the different types and health of the fish stocks in the areas. The Marine Management Organisation is the lead regulator for these areas and for more information concerning these areas, and other fisheries and environmental legislation we would refer you to the following website:

The enforcement of European and national legislation is conducted by Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officers, Marine Management Organisation Marine Environment Officers, certain Royal Navy personnel, certain Police Officers and other officials that have been warranted by to conduct enforcement operations and have powers appropriate to the relevant legislation.

KEIFCA Compliance and Enforcement Strategy

Our approach to prosecutions is in line with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' Enforcement Policy Statement, the Code for Crown Prosecutors and the Marine Management Organisations' Compliance and Enforcement Strategy.

We  published our own KEIFCA Compliance and Enforcement Strategy

Compliance and enforcement inspections are carried out in accordance with the KEIFCA Code of Conduct for Inspections

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