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Kent & Essex IFCA

The district of Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (K&EIFCA) contains some of the most attractive, productive and intensively used coastal waters in the UK; from the small picturesque harbours of Whitstable, Leigh and West Mersea to the major industrial ports of Harwich, London and Dover.

This marine environment includes unique features such as the Essex mud flats and marshes, offshore sandbanks, the Kent chalk cliffs and cobble beaches all of which contain a fascinating array of habitats and species. K&EIFCA has been created to sustainably manage local inshore fisheries resources and protect this diverse marine environment..

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Formal Consultation - Bottom Towed Fishing Gear (Prohibited Areas) Byelaw 2024

On 22 May 2024 Kent & Essex IFCA agreed to make a Bottom Towed Fishing Gear (Prohibited Areas) Byelaw 2024. Kent & Essex IFCA is now undertaki...

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