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Eel / Sprat / Smelt


Permitted mesh size range 16mm-31mm The catch retained on board must consist of: at least 90% of any mixture of two or more target species, or at least 60% of any one of the target species and no more than 5% of any mixture of cod, haddock and saithe and no more than 15% of any mixture of the species marked with the symbol on list . This sets a minimum of 60% sprats but Regulation 1434/98 - herring landed for industrial purposes - states that when a catch consists of a mixture of herring and other species which are not sorted the herring shall not exceed 20% by weight of the total combined weight or herrings and other species Target species:- Sand eels, Norway pout, Smelt, Poor cod, Silvery cod, Red bandfish, Sprat, Eel, Anchovy, Blue whiting, Argentines, Sardine. Landings may contain up to 10% undersized sardine, anchovy, herring, horse mackerel and mackerel (Art19/2(a)) Undersized target species for larger mesh sizes may be landed when mixed with catches if not sorted or sold for human consumption (Art19/2(b))