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Permitted mesh size range 32mm-54mm (byelaw minimum 50mm) = 50mm - 54mm.

The catch retained on board must consist of:

  • - at least 90% of any mixture of two or more target species,
  • - at least 60% of any one of the target species and no more than 5% of any mixture of cod, haddock and saithe and no more than 15% of any mixture of the species marked with the symbol ÿ on list.

(e.g. minimum 60% herring + 5% cod + 15% whiting + 20% other)

Target species:- Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Herring, Blue whiting, Argentines, Squids, Garfish, Pouting, Wedge sole and Prawns, shrimp, sardine, argentines, blue whiting, anchovy, eel, sprat, red bandfish, silvery cod, poor cod, smelt, norway pout, sand eel

Landings may contain up to 10% undersized sardine, anchovy, herring, horse mackerel and mackerel (Art19/2(a))