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Sole / Bass


Permitted mesh size range 80mm- 99mm These measures do not apply if at least 40% of catch is sole and no more than 5% cod 

Top sheet of 140mm minimum diamond mesh is required. This panel must be attached to the headline of the net or three rows of netting material attached to the headline and extend towards the posterior of the net for at least 15 meshes. Plus an 80mm square mesh panel is required in compliance with 850/98 Art.7 below

Square mesh panel 850/98 Art.7 Any square mesh panel:

(a) shall be placed in the top half or top sheet of a net in front of any extension piece or at any point between the front of any extension piece and the posterior of the cod-end;

(b) shall not be obstructed in any way by either internal or external attachments;

(c ) shall be at least 3 meters in length except when incorporated into nets towed by vessels of less than 112 kilowatts, when it must be of at least 2 metres in length;

(d) shall be constructed of knotless netting or of netting constructed with non-slip knots, and shall be inserted in such a way that the meshes remain fully open at all times while fishing;

(e) shall be constructed so that the number of meshes in the anterior row of meshes of the panel is equal to or greater than the number of meshes in the posterior row of meshes in the panel and shall be positioned not more than 5 diamond meshes from the salve edges at the rear end of the panel

Must have a minimum percentage of target species, of at least 70%.

Target species:- Sole, plaice, hake, megrim whiting, brill, pollack, dab, cuttle fish, sea bass, flounder, lemon sole, dogfish, witch, john dory, queen scallop, variegated scallop, red mullet grey mullet, grenadiers, hairtails, anglers, skates and rays, sea bream, turbot.

By-catch of cod limited to 20%

Bass fishing guidance 2024

Commercial Bass fishing:

For information on bass regulations for 2024 go to Bass Fishing Guidance 2024- GOV.UK (