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Limits of the District

26th March 2014

limits-mapKent & Essex IFCA district covers an area of over 3,412 km2, and extends from the east end of Rye Bay in Kent to the northern boundary of Essex on the River Stour. The seaward boundary follows the to the 6 mile nautical limit measured from the 1983 baseline, which, due to drying sand banks, extends up to 15 miles offshore in some places. The up-river K&EIFCA boundary in the Thames the includes the waters adjacent to Kent County Council and Thurrock Council, with the district boundary running from Dartford creek (River Darent) on the south shore to Mar Dyke on the North Shore. The other district limits for the rest of the rivers located within the boundaries of Kent and Essex extended to their tidal limit (including, the Medway, the Blackwater and the Colne).
To see a chart of each of the ten IFCAs, please click here.

The Kent & Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation District is defined in the The Kent and Essex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Order 2010 (Statutory Instruments 2010 No. 2190) available online at


For detailed charts of our district please click on the links below
Approaches to Thames Estuary (PDF, 15.7 MB)
Newhaven to Dover (PDF, 15.7 MB)

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