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Sea Angling 2012

26th March 2014

Information taken directly from CEFAS website (link provided below).
Recreational sea angling is one of the country's most popular sports, with up to 2 million people going sea angling every year.
Sea anglers are known to contribute substantially to local economies, and support many businesses. These might include fishing tackle retailers and manufacturers, bait suppliers, boat sales and suppliers, charter boats, specialist magazines, and local tourism and accommodation.
Yet very little is known about current sea angling activity and economic value compared with other uses of marine resources around our coasts.
The government is embarking on the biggest-ever national survey of English sea angling to provide information on sea angling activity, catches and releases, and on the importance of the sport as a socio-economic activity.
Sea Angling 2012 - a survey of recreational sea angling activity and economic value in England is being carried out by Cefas, the Marine Management Organisation and the new IFCAs.
We will collect information, via surveys throughout England, about sea anglers and businesses that are partly or wholly dependent on sea angling. The survey results will enable angling bodies to develop their own views and policies, and to collaborate with the government and IFCAs to make informed decisions about fishery management at local, national and European levels.
You can find out more about the project by following the links provided:
The role of Kent and Essex IFCA
As part of the Sea Angling 2012 project, Kent and Essex IFCA Officers will be conducting land based questionnaire surveys, as designed by CEFAS, throughout the Kent and Essex IFCA District. The surveys will be used to record invaluable biological information regarding local fish stocks, and socio-economic information regarding the value of recreational sea angling. The support of the angling community is critical to the success of the project and we will be working closely with our local stakeholders in order to ensure the success of this project. We will also be utilising the expertise of the angling representatives, appointed by the MMO to sit on the Kent and Essex IFCA, to develop a workable strategy for the project, based on their advice and recommendations.
Sea Angling 2012 forms part of a broader scale RSA strategy for Kent and Essex IFCA, with the overall aim of building, and enhancing, a mutually beneficial relationship with the RSA sector. As part of this relationship-building process, Kent and Essex IFCA are looking to develop a range of information and education packages. These packages will be used to communicate to the RSA sector information regarding relevant legislation and conservation status' of various stocks, as well as to promote the sea angling experience and the wide-range of fishing challenges which can be found in the South-East.
The project so far.
This section of the Kent and Essex IFCA website will provide information about the Kent and Essex IFCA RSA project and will be updated on a monthly basis in order to provide you with information on the progress of the Sea Angling 2012 project. Within this section you will also find the Sea Angling 2012 survey questionnaire which we will be using to collect information as well as contact details for relevant bodies involved with the Sea Angling 2012 project.
January 2012
Meeting with KEIFCA angling appointees to outline project and discuss avenues of communication with RSA sector.
Workshop with KEIFCA angling appointees to finalise angling hotspots within District.
Trial run of survey questionnaires within the KEIFCA District.
Commencement of survey period and communications with anglers.

Contact details.