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Local Species - Cod

Gadus morhua

The Atlantic Cod is one of the better known fish species in the Kent and Essex district and a firm favourite in the local chippies. They are easily distinguishable by their grey or green mottled flanks with a curved white lateral line. They have 3 dorsal fins, and a pronounced chin barbel.

Cod can live up to 25 years, and reach to 2 metres in length and up to 200 lbs. Cod is widely distributed in a variety of habitats from coastal waters to the continental shelf. Cod are a shoaling species with shoals commonly found within a metre of the seabed although foraging activity occurs on the sea bed as well as in mid water. Food consists of a wide range of crustaceans, brittle stars, worms and other fish notably herring and sprat. Cod migrate long distances to spawn from February to April.   Click here to read the KEIFCA Species Management Plan for Cod